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Introduction to Professional Lighting

As a photographer I believe you must understand light in order to truly understand photography. Light is the main tool photographers have to create a three dimensional world on a flat piece of photographic paper.

In this video, you will learn what is meant by quality of light - and how it defines our subjects form, shape, texture, and creates the desired mood of the portrait.

In this section we will explain what makes light hard or soft, and the importance of specular highlights to create depth in the photograph.

Next, we will take a look at studio lights and all the light modifiers available - such as soft boxes, Mono Spots, umbrellas, grid spots, barn doors, gobo's, parabolic,. beauty dishes, You will learn the light characteristics and applications of each modifier and what results you can expect from each.

In the next section you will watch as we build a four light set step by step. We will explain the importance of the Main light, it's proper placement, and a couple tips that will dramatically improve you portraits.

Next, we will look at the fill light and using reflectors as a fill light, background lights, hair lights, and accent lights. You will watch and learn proper positioning of each light for the best results as we photograph our model.

We will also demonstrate a more advanced technique I frequently use to create impact and variety in the session and add extra dollars to the final order.

In the last section you will learn proper light placement as we demonstrate different lighting patterns. We will take a look at Loop Lighting, Short Lighting, Split Lighting, Broad Lighting, Rembrant Lighting, and Butterfly Lighting. We will demonstrate the effect different lighting patterns have on your subjects. For example, which lighting pattern should you choose to slenderize a subject face? In this video tutorial you will learn the answers to all these question and more.

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