What Would Rembrandt Do?

February 15, 2012 by  
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Joe Luter
We have it all now. In technology, efficiency and in artistic work.

We have a canvas on which to depict the style and flair of the muses who live within. A way to go forward, a way to go back. A way to color with immeasurable accuracy and depth and to blend at a whim. The ability to undo. Or save several versions and patch them together.

What would Rembrandt do if he could spend a week with your tools? He would give a king’s ransom for the privilege, be assured. And what would his results be? It is overwhelming to imagine.

Use it all. Glory in it.

It is true that most of us do volume work that must be efficient. But please remember that under the veneer of your computer lies the greatest canvas in the history of the world. All yours. We speak, of course, of Photoshop.

Keep your business hat on and use it to practice ways to make your photography better, even if it is just occasionally.

Create some of our own formats. Inspired backgrounds for dancers. Exciting montages for action shots. Composites for “funny faces.” Kindly, a little less detail for the elderly.

And if there remain some among us who had a twinge of the artistist that lead them into photography, consider making Photoshop a wonderful hobby. Contort a face; make it purple; replace the sky with a checkerboard and then . . . there are no limits.

You own this universe.