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If you are a stop motion animator, or you are involved in the CG or traditional animation fields, we would like to welcome you to our web site. We here at Animation Physics like to give birth to some of the most realistic animations possible, while making full use of the field of physics. Animation artists will be thrilled to discover a wide selection of tutorials, as well as miscellaneous materials related to animations. Out goodies’ section also recommends the best books and guides to help you with your work, and while learning something new, you could also check out a few details on the game of online baccarat.     



The Rich History Of The Baccarat Game


Actually, the game of baccarat itself dates back from the times when King Charles the Eight was reigning over his kingdom and it was first introduced to France and Italy. Ever since, the game grew in popularity and became one of the most beloved casino type of games that are still enjoying some impressive amounts of attention as we speak. The game has known a lot of different varieties and some of the main three varieties you might have also heard of refer to the so-called “punto banco” or the type of baccarat that is played in North America, “baccarat chemin de fer” and “baccarat banque”.


The first one is considered to be a game of chance that does not involve any known skills that are to be required on behalf of gamblers; the second and the third game varieties are considered to be dependent of certain choices and also certain baccarat rules and tricks that should be used in order to better control the game. All three games are still highly popular and even though the game of baccarat was originally considered to be a private type of game, as years passed by, it started coming out into the world more and more. Today, it is a game that is widely spread throughout all land and online casinos, and online baccarat is one of the most sought after games out there. Take a look at the Cosmik Casino welcome package and seriously consider playing some baccarat games here.


Baccarat Rules For Punto Banco


First of all, the game itself can be accurately described as beoing a comparing game of cards that is being played between 2 hands, referred to as the player and the banker. The baccarat coups have 3 potential outcomes, in terms of “banker”, “player” or “tie”. Cards from 2 through 9 are wearing their face values, while tens and Jacks, Queens or Kings and worth 0 points and Aces are worth one point. All hands are going to be attributed values considering the rightmost digit of the sum of their cards. Quick example you could use to better understand how the baccarat rules go: a hand consisting of an 8 and a 9 is going to be worth 7 points, as the rightmost digit of the total sum of 17 is, of course, 7; a hand consisting of 4 and 5 is going to be worth 9 points and so on. http://www.cosmikcasino.co is a place where you can practice these baccarat skills with the help of free games online.


Final Rules


The idea of baccarat inside the game refers to anything that has a value of 0 (a hand of 10 points is also considered to be baccarat). Online baccarat rules for punto banco say that if neither the banker nor the player are dealt a total of 8 or 9 in their first 2 cards, which is also to be referred to as a “natural”, then a special “tableau” is going to need to be consulted, first for the player’s rules and then for banker’s rules. If the player has a total of 0–5, he needs to draw another card; for a total of 6 or 7, he needs to stand. As for the banker, his own tableau of rules is going to help players know how to act next.