Understanding Light Metering & Exposure

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In this digital age, light metering is becoming a lost art. Many new photographers seem to be relying on the back of the camera for determining metering and correct exposure. However, as an aspiring professional photographer, mastering proper metering techniques is essential for achieving consistent repeatable results.

In fact, proper light metering techniques are more important with digital that with they ever were with film.   (Film actually had more latitude than digital)  That’s why it’s so important to get it right!

Incident vs. Reflective

In this video, we will discuss the two different metering techniques and when you should use each.

We will also explain when to use the disk and when to use the dome for proper metering.

We will also explain explain how light meters are calibrated and why. By the end of this section you will understand the importance of 18% Gray and the significance it has in metering and proper exposure.

Metering Techniques

In the next section of this video, we will cover proper Metering Techniques. For example, where to place the meter for proper exposure. The goal of this section to show you proper metering techniques so you will know what effect you will get before you make the exposure.

We will also explain lighting ratios in a straight forward, easy-to-understand manner.

Practical Application

In the next section we will go through metering an actual photo session, step-by -step.

We will start with the main light and show you where to position the light meter for proper results, then meter the fill light, background light and hair light. We will establish a lighting ratio and show you how to determine this with proper metering techniques.

In the last section we will be working with a dark skinned model in the studio.

There seems to be a lot of confusion as to how to properly light and expose dark skin. What exposure do I use? How do I meter properly?

Do I open up and additional half stop? Full stop?  Do I move the light closer?
What’s the best light to use?

Join us in this training video as we answer all your metering questions.

Check out the video trailer below describing this class.

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