Top 3 Tips For Keeping Expensive Camera Gear Protected

February 26, 2015 by  
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Have you noticed it is barely impossible to set foot out of your house and not see a few people taking photos with their phones or cameras throughout the day? Selfies may rule at the moment, but our faces are most certainly not the only things we like to capture on camera nowadays. The intriguing foods we eat, beautiful scenery, out pets, and various glimpses of all all make for excellent photos nowadays. And thanks to the advancements in the smartphone manufacturing industry, you can now enjoy the benefits of high quality cameras without having to spend a lot of money on expensive cameras and the gear associated to them. But if you have taken your passion for taking photos a few steps further to the smartphone lens, you might want to take the necessary measures to keep everything protected on the long run.

Photography Can Be A Dangerous Business

You could end up with clients never paying for your service at the end of a long day claiming they are simply not satisfied with your work, bad weather or various hazards could potentially endanger your health or life. You could also lose your camera or have some of your gear stolen, broken by accident and make you lose a lot of money in the blink of an eye.

Invest In A Quality Bag For Your Camera

Get a good backpack for your camera and make sure it is rainproof, has an easily accessible pocket for the camera you can also keep your lens, as well we as a solid base made of rubber. You will need to place your bag on the ground a lot and you could end up placing it in a pile of wet mud or on wet ground. Consider having a portable lock installed on your backpack so you can ensure a higher degree of security for it as well as the expensive camera gear you carry in it. Go to your favorite local hardware store or get in touch with a locksmith who can recommend a few additional security techniques and devices and even have them installed for you.

Get Security Devices From A Locksmith

Take a look at a few locksmith service rates for home or commercial space locksmithing services and see which services you could use. Secure your entire house and put special emphasis on the room you normally use to store your camera gear in. Install quality locks on the main entry points (entrance doors, back and side doors, if any, and door enabling access to the house from the garage). Opt for high security locks, preferably grade 1 locks with a double cylinder that use a key on both sides, but be sure to first inquire about the status of the law concerning these powerful locks; there are certain states where you will not be able to install these locks because they represent a safety hazard in case of a home fire. Ask an authorized locksmith who knows the legislation and make sure they have their headquarter in the city or state where you live.

Opt for a good home alarm with sensors installed on the doors and windows to deter burglars and keep your camera gear behind locked drawers or cabinets; you can also consider having a house safe with sturdy locks and get in touch with a locksmith every time you need a quick fix with your locks or safe.