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Joe Luter
John Farrar of Brighton, England does beautiful and creative work but he also has mastered the details of photography at a high level and we provide here a few of his suggestions.

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A few notes from Farrar follow.

• Back up every shot with a half dozen brackets. The model, makeup and studio time are all set so there’s no need to suffer the cosequences of trying to save a few seconds.

• Wanting to be outstanding is step one. Farrar notes that we see a lot of photos every day but rarely do we see one that will be remembered. His advice: Plan in advance to make your shoot something memorable.

• Organize your shoot in detail but don’t become inflexible in your plan of action. Be ready to change your direction if the session suggests you do so.

• ‘Beautiful’ isn’t enough. Do something unique. Stand apart.

• Give your work a second look the next day. Don’t send anything out immediately after the shoot. Looking at it the next day will be a completely different experience. Work on it again then, too.

• Don’t rush the session. Saving a few minutes is not your goal. His average time per session is one hour. But if it takes more time, stay with it.

• Don’t be too concerned about people considering your ideas to be odd. Farrar quotes Bacon in saying, “There is no beauty without strangeness.”

• Props can be anything. Use your imagination. In Farrar’s work we see a girl with a wet paint brush over one eye, another girl emerging from the water with a fish in her mouth, and head coverings made of a washing machine hose, a paper milk carton, etc. and Farrar’s  famous pair of red shoes. He also had his makeup artist paint a crisscross pattern on one girl’s face. It was definitely memorable.

• “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

• Don’t hesitate to do something completely different from what Farrar and other masters are doing. You can learn from them but what you eventually must do is develop is a signature style of your own.

Dozen of the world’s top models have raved breathlessly about Farrar, perhaps best summed up by the one brief comment: “You are WOW!”