Studio Lighting Technique: Lighting With Gels

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In this video tutorial, we will focus on a studio lighting technique using gels to add impact to your images. We will photograph our model in three different sets and use color gels to create the desired mood and add a bit of fantasy to the images.

We will cover proper positioning of gels for best results and what material and backgrounds work best when working with gels. We will also cover a cool little technique we use to make metering gels easier and results more predictable.

In the first set with our model we will create a real fantasy set by using our smoke machine and adding blue a red gels on the back ground lights to illuminate the smoke.

In the next scenario we will working with our model in a Mosquito Netting. Watch and learn as we create the mode and add impact to the image by backlighting the mosquito net with a blue gel.

The last scenario is all about COLOR, we will be working with red and blue gels over our edge lights that will be accenting the model. We will also be using colored gels on the background light.

Next we will introduce a third light covered with an amber gel to illuminate the smoke and actual use this light as a prop in the final image.

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Some images from the shoot.