Studio Lighting Technique: Using the Ring Light

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Do You Want to Start Capturing Images Like These?

In this video tutorial, we show you a fun studio lighting technique using the Ring Light for portraits and glamour photography. It  is perfect for models  & high school seniors who want a unique high fashion magazine look.

Typically, the photographers goal is to create a three dimensional look through the use of various studio lighting techniques.

The ring light breaks these rules – which is often the reason why it it popular.

A  ring light gives a unique look, because all light is coming from the front, imparting a virtually shadowless look onto the front of your subject, while even shadows show around the edges of any three-dimensional surface.

This look is possible in part because the camera lens sets in the very middle of the light source.   See Ring Light on White Lightning’s Website

Here are some more examples of the shots we took.

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Watch and learn as Mike has some fun using the Ring Light with different background effects

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