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You don’t have to have expensive sets and backgrounds in order to get a stylish, trendy look.  This background was made with the siding material that you can buy from your local Home Depot. Since this was the first time we ever used it, we simply clamped it to our background stands. As you can see, it produced some great looking images.  After a couple sessions we decided to make it a permanent background at the studio and it has proved to be very popular.

Online Photography Training: Making Backgrounds

Online Photography Training: Making a Stylish, Trendy but Cheap Background

Since we decided to make it a permanent background we made a simple light weight frame to make it easier and quicker to set-up and move around in the studio. The background frame was made out of 1×4 lumber to keep it as lite as possible. Had we made it out of 2×4′s it would have required 2 people to move it around in the studio. Here’s a quick shot of the frame right after we made it.

Lighting set-up for this shot is as follows.
1. Main Light – 3×4 Soft-box at f11
2. Fill – 4×6 Silver Reflector
3. Edge Light – Covered with Amber gel at f 5.6 1/2
4. Background Light – 7″ parabolic reflector with barn doors, covered with purple gel – f8
5. Background Light – 7″ parabolic reflector with barn doors, covered with blue gel – f8
6. Edge Light – Covered with Blue gel at f 5.6 1/2

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Here’s some other photos we made with this background.


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