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Most portraits are shot in the standard vertical orientation (which is where the term portrait comes from).  However, to add impact to your portraits don’t be afraid to crop the image in a horizontal format.   Try shooting some images horizontally in your next session.

For this image not only did I crop the image in the horizontal format, the model is placed in the in the far right of the frame. What would this shot look, like if she was placed dead center in the frame? Static – no impact.

AND I cropped off the top of her head – all in the name of impact. Add some nice lighting and there you have it.


Although this next image is in the vertical/portrait orientation, I titled the camera to have her come in from the corner of the frame. This creates some nice angles and adds a fashion feel to the image. Again, creating impact in the image just by tilting the camera. The image was over exposed by 1 stop to create the “blown out” feel.


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