Studio Lighting and Posing Tips for Couples by Rick Ferro

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Romantic Studio Engagement Sessions

Improve your photography with these timeless posing techniques & studio lighting tips for couples from Rick Ferro.i In this 50-minute video, Rick Ferro, Master Photographer and nationally-known teacher, shows you the absolute best poses for couples that will generate high quality images AND the greatest amount sales.

Once you know the simple but effective lighting techniques and posing keys you will be making photographs you will be proud of and your customers will love (and buy)..

In this video you will learn how to:

  • Set up a light at 2/3rds view
  • Set up a profile and light it successfully everytime
  • Photograph hands in a way that conveys romance and emotion
  • Use lighting that is simple but effective

View the Trailer

[flv:/flv/engagementtrailer.flv 480 360]

You can have access to this  photography class along with 44+ other as a 12-month  subscrber OR it is available for individual purchase for only $39.

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About Rick Ferro:
For the last 39 years Rick has impacted the photographic community by being one of the leading photographers in the nation. Rick began his career photographing for the Miami Dolphins, going on to owning several successful studios and in 1993 helped develop the Wedding Photographic Department for Walt Disney World. He started Signature Studio in 2001 when he married his wife Deborah. He is a Certified, Master Photographer and received, along with his wife, the United Nations Leadership Award from the International Photographic Council in 2006. Rick’s love and passion for photography and people is evident in his work.    Rick’s Website

Here are some of the images from this video.

After you work with this video, you will be able to take beautiful photos just like the ones below.