Understanding White Balance

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In this video tutorial from our photography training library, we will not only explain the theory of creating a correct white balance for your digital camera but  will show you how to get the best color possible from your digital camera.

There are a number of factors that go into the making of a good portrait. One of the most important factors is good color.  You can’t get good color without a proper white balance.  You will learn why Auto White Balance (AWB) is easily fooled and not the best choice.

We will explain how color temperature affects white balance. As well as how other factors influence color temperature and, therefore, the quality of your images. We will cover all the different white balance options including when to use WHAT & WHY.

Next, we will look at the advantages of the raw file format. We will demonstrate why a Custom White Balance is the best choice and show you how to create a custom white balance in camera, while using your raw processing software. We will demonstrate this using Adobe Lightroom. We will also demonstrate situations when a custom white balance might not be necessary.

Next, working in LightRoom, we will show you how to use white balance as a creative tool to achieve a warmer look in your photographs or create images with a fashion flare.

In the last section, you will learn the proper techniques for creating a custom white balance in mixed lighting conditions. After watching this tutorial, you will have a complete understanding of white balance and know when to use what for the effect you want to achieve. You will also understand how to “trick” your camera’s digital white balance for creative results.

Check out the trailer below describing this video.

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