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Hi, I’m Mike Luter.  Thank you for visiting our Online Photography Schools website.

If you’re tired and frustrated with poor lighting, bad color, unflattering poses or photos that don’t sell you are in the right spot.

I have been a professional photographer for over 20  years and I know I can help you become a better photographer.  I can help you build your photography hobby into a professional business.  All it takes is some training.   That’s what our StudioStyles site is all about.  We are the premiere source for online photography training.

You are going to love our photography classes & workshops

The photography training you will be receiving is not classroom theory.  It’s not just articles.  It is actual in-the-field, on-the-job training, the basic nuts-and-bolts of becoming a better photographer.   You will learn the basics of photography lighting & posing as well as advanced photography tips, tricks and techniques from experienced, award-winning photographers and a support team of seasoned, digital imaging professionals.

I know how to take you to where you want to go

I started  out doing weddings out of my home – just like many of you have done or are doing.  Since then I have won many awards for my photography, owned 3 three studios, a successful photo lab,  and a digital systems integration company who helped hundreds of photography studios convert from being film-based to being digital.

I have been training professional photographers all across  the country  since 1989 in photography and digital work flow.  Many of these personal  training sessions were at the cost of several  thousands of dollars.

I have also been a speaker at many national, regional and speciality  photography associations. Some of these include, PPA (Professional Photographers of America), SPI (Seniors Photographers International), PMA (Photo Marketing Association), PSPA (Professional School Photographers Association), SPAA (Sports Photographers Association of America).  I have also done presentations on behalf of numerous nationally known photography companies like Kodak and Imageware Software.  It would typically cost approx $100 for a 1/2 day seminar, a couple hundred for a full day class and over a $1000 to go to a week long seminar per student.

I tell you all of this not to pat myself on the back, but to assure you, I’ve been where you are and know how to get you to where you want to go.  We realize that you can’t afford to go to all of these seminars, presentation and training you need, so we are bringing them to you!!!

Consider us as Your Personal Photography School.

StudioStyles is an education-based website for aspiring photographers of all skill levels who are serious about improving their skills, building their business or increasing their profits.  Our goal is to provide you with valuable technical, creative & business-building resources that will help take your photography skills and business to the next level.

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or a seasoned pro. If you are a “rookie”, we have videos that will introduce you to lighting,  posing and camera basics.   If you are a seasoned pro, we have videos that introduce you to new, potential markets you may not be familiar with and ones which you may want to pursue.  If you are somewhere in between, there are plenty of videos available to sharpen your skills and build your vision so you can take photos you can be proud of and ones which your customers will love (and buy)!

Best of all, what you will be learning can be applied to any photography field.

  • Individual Portraits / Headshots
  • Children’s Photography
  • Family Portraiture
  • Glamour / Model Photography
  • Pet Photography
  • Wedding Photography
  • School Photography
  • Youth Sports Photography
  • Dance School Photography

The Finest Photography Video Training Library Available 24/7

What makes us different than the “other” photography schools and websites is the video component of our classes.  Reading about photography techniques and procedures is good.  But, photographers are visual animals.  It makes sense that they learn by being shown.

The best training for you is now the closest to you, 24/7, and at the lowest cost.

Just connect to our subscriber page whenever you can. The middle of the night works fine.  Watch a video or two. You learn as you go – at your own pace – from videos that don’t just tell you about it, they show you.

You will be going to some actual shoots with us. Watch us change the settings. We’ll tell you why. We’ll show you. Then you’ll do it. It’s fun!

New videos are being introduced on a regular basis.  Your membership gives you access to everything we have 24/7.  No charge for viewing; it’s all included as part of your subscription membership.

The Wisdom from our Forum is Priceless

First let me say that the StudioStyles’ forum is much more than a typical forum.  It is an extremely valuable resource and an important part of your training.

You can watch videos, read articles in trade magazines, go to seminars etc…. but you will never get the level of mentoring you will find in the StudioStyles’ forum.   For example, if you watch one of our training tutorials and have more questions, fire away and we will be right there to answer them with step-by-step details.

After watching one of our videos AND applying the techniques you learn, you want some feedback on how you did.  GREAT!  Post your portraits to the forum for our members to view.  You’ll get feedback from our members, your mentors, and tech team.  You will be part of an on-line family of fellow aspiring photographers who shares opinions and learns from each other.  PRICELESS!

Got a tech question a flash, software, computer, or lighting question?  Our technical support staff is available to answer any hardware and tech questions.

Here are some of the forums waiting for you in the membership section:

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We have FREE articles with quick tips you can read.  We have FREE video instruction for some quick tips and for you to sample our video library.  We have video “trailers” about the classes you will have access to.  We also have a 14-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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In addition, when you subscribe, you will be given access to a FREE Studio Lighting class PLUS be given a 25% discount on your first purchase.

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