Long exposure technique: water

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Photography is a half way activity between art and technique. You need both inspiration and material tools to make this inspiration take shape into a wonderful shot.

As you probably know, in photography there are many different techniques you can learn according to the particular effect you want to achieve in your shots.

If you are fascinated by those shots where water looks like silky and you would love to learn how to make similar shots, you are on the right page. Follow our easy and basic tips for the long exposure technique with water.

The experts at Nikon suggest…

Nikon is the best photography brand in the world in the field of naturalistic photography. Colors and features of the Nikon cameras allow to catch excellent shots of landscapes, trees, forests and animals.

Even if you don’t have a Nikon camera, you can take advantage of our tips!         Long exposure water

1. Find a good place with some water (waterfalls, river, ocean…) and think about the composition you want for your shot.

2. Attach your camera to a tripod or put it on a trustworthy support (a rock, a wall…).

3. Set your camera on A for Aperture priority and set the lowest ISO possible.

4. If you have a polarizer thread, set it onto your camera lens and if you have a remote controller, you can use it to avoid touch the camera now on.

5. Aperture should be between f/16 and f/22. Shot a couple times to test the aperture you chose and if needed adjust it.

Adventure may mean risk…

Sometimes, going on search for new amazing shots may bring photographers very far away. In the jungle, in a forest, in the closest point to waterfall or rivers… there’s no limit to the imagination and ambition of most photographers. But this is also a source of risk.

Many photographers may lose their cameras or equipment during a sudden emergency situation: a fire, a giant water wave….

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