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Lighting with Green Screen Jocelyn  - Bathing SuitThe beauty of greenscreen technology is the fact that we can place our subject in front of any of 1000′s of backgrounds after the shot has been taken.

The right background can make or break a portrait.  It  is often the difference between a standard portrait and a WOW portrait.

In this video we will show you how to create a portrait with the WOW factor through the use of greenscreen backgrounds.

Learn Greenscreen Lighting StudioStyles.netBy using green screen technology you can create exciting images without all the expense of buying canvas backgrounds that can cost several hundred dollars each.

In this video, we will walk you through the process of creating green screen images from start to finish.

First, we will explain the technical aspects of photographing on a green screen by covering the proper lighting techniques, correct positioning of the lights, and proper subject positioning for best results.

Although the background can make or break a portrait and is often the difference between a standard portrait and a WOW portrait.

Jocelyn - Formal Wear

Then, you will watch as we photograph our model in a formal dress in front of the green screen and later replace that background with a very formal background that we captured digitally a fews months ago.

In the next shoot, we will photograph the model in her swim-wear and then replace the background with a beautiful sunset.

In the final section of this video we walk you through our process of removing the background from the image and show you step-by-step how easy it is to digitally replace the background and create that WOW factor in your images through use of greenscreen backgrounds.

Check out the video trailer below describing this video.

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Here’s what one of our subscribers had to say:

“I ordered the green screen video when I was having problems with this concept.

The first time I viewed it I solved the problems and I got a lot of very good ideas I had not expected.  I had expected to have to order background images but I was told how to make my own.

I have just come back from a cruise with many backgrounds of Mexican (Spanish)buildings. Money well spent. Thanks ~Larry – Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

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