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Studio Lighting for Glamour PhotographyLearn Glamour Photography at StudioStyles.net

In this photography video tutorial, we will be doing a glamour session in the studio.  Before getting started with the shoot, we will show you how we created this set very inexpensively and making it portable at the same time.

We will start out the session using a large light source doing a some full length shots. We will show you the lighting set up and placement for full length shots and how we meter all the lights in this set to achieve the results we are after. This entire first look was achieved using a simple two light set up.

In the next scenario we will change the main light to a smaller light source and explain why this was necessary to to achieve the desired look.

In the next set, the model will be posed on the floor, and we will show you proper placement of your lights when posing a subject on the floor… where the main light should be in relation to the subject, fill light and edge lights.

In the last set we will change the color of the background by using some color gels over the background lights. For this series it will also be necessary to use a different main light modifier. You will learn why this particular light was use for this look and the thought process behind why we choose to light the model in this manner to achieve the results we are after.

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