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Despite of the fact that detoxification is often times associated with substance abuse, today I am going to talk to you about a different kind of a detox process: the one that aims to eliminate negative substances inside the body. Heavy metals, smoke, food additives, pesticides are all part of the daily “diet” we all confront with. Their harmful effects on the human health are pushing more and more individuals to embrace internal detoxification. The kidneys and the colon are the main two organs involved in the detox, as they are responsible for the cleansing of the body from toxins from the environment.

Why Use Detoxification?

First of all, because you can better maintain your health while continuing to be exposed to the harmful factors that have led to your problems in the first place. In case you are experiencing headaches and back pains that do not have any reasonable explanation, or if you are noticing memory fails and brittle nails or hair, detox is the thing for you. People who are often times exposed to a lot of pesticides, cleansing solutions, or diuretics also need to consider detoxification. The stimulation of the immune system or the cleansing of the blood, kidneys, and liver are all prone to occur.

How To Do Detox AT Home?

You can find many over-the-counter detox products you can start a treatment on; adding lemon to your water throughout the entire day will get the acid in the fruits to clean your “interior installation”. Think of citric acid as special bleach that can successfully break down fat molecules. Consider hot water baths as they can attract toxins at the surface of the body, while cold water baths will pull them off the skin. Use Epsom salt as it is great at stimulating sweating. While enjoying your relaxing hot bath, download VegasWinner on your phone and relax playng your favorite casino games.