Is the use of cameras prohibited in casinos?

July 8, 2009 by  
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Casinos have become very popular places to visit when on vacation and some of this popularity stems from the increased usage of online casino sites. With more and more people learning how to play casino games and trying out a slot game such as extreme heat, they wish to try their hand out at a land based venue when on holiday. Most travellers like to take pictures of what they did while on holiday and this leads to an important consideration for many before visiting a land based casino venue. Are cameras prohibited from being used in casinos?

Casinos do not favour their activities being recorded, they prefer to respect the privacy of their business as well as their customers. Some customers don’t wish others to know about their gambling habits and they have a right to privacy and the casino owners respect this. Therefore, cameras are not permitted on the casino floor. Some patrons may try to sneak them in but given the high degree of security in the casino, they are spotted and casino staff will ask any pictures be deleted. The same is true for any video footage taken. Since most mobile phones today also have cameras, they cannot be used as well.

As the camera ban evolved to encompass mobile phones as well, other forms of technology have been included. The new Google Glass was banned by numerous casinos before they were officially on sale. Developed by Google, Google Glass are tiny eyeglasses with a device mounted in them. This device can take pictures as well as film video and surf the internet and this leads to significant and well founded concerns for casinos that cheating could easily occur. This might undermine the confidence held by the public that casinos are safe and fair institutions and if casino guests refuse to remove them, they will be asked to leave the casino.