Is it worth the trouble to sell your photos online?

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Joe Luter

In the interest of full disclosure: Our company sells the online store set ups and hosts the services; therefore, our decision has obviously been made. Call to discuss: 888–398-9934.

First, setting up your own online “storefront” page costs less in time and money than you might think. You pay $49.95 a month plus small processing fees and that includes a new website in your name only and the service of our people hosting, filling orders, shipping to your customers, processing payments, sending money to you, etc.

You can be up and running with your online page in about a half a day, including about 45 minutes of telephone training and sales strategy. You set the prices.

On the other hand, the online page does take some work on your part. You have to upload your league shots and if you don’t do that, the site will have no value. Also, you would check the “Favorites” folder on your page periodically to see if anyone has marked a number of images but not placed an order. If so, you would probably think up a little “special” to get them to move.

Is it worth the trouble? Well, we are totally sold on the program. You can expect your income to increase of around 10 percent. And you are giving families and friends of your customers a place where they can browse your work shots and order their favorites on prints, canvas, t-shirts, magnets or any of our our dozens of other specialties.

You new store is, of course, fully stocked at all times. Further, your name really gets out there in the photography community. It is available to anyone, anywhere. Way out to the far reaches. It will be your retail site for the whole world.

Another advantage of our online storefront system is that you don’t have to design a website, coordinate with the lab, set up a payment system, package and ship items. Your Online Store is a business without the details of businesses.

One of your jobs is to make sure that the customers know about your site and have information about it conveniently in front of them at the right time. We recommend that you have the following printed prominently on your delivery envelope:



Go to

. . .for additional orders, specialties, and the like and also for direct orders from friends and relatives here or in other cities throughout the country. And, of course, our complete line of products is available to you 24/7.

This is not a public photo site. It is the exclusively for (your business name).

Please call us if you have questions or problems about your order or re-orders.


One more thing. When considering expanding your business to include online sales, just remember: “Over 970,000 Grandmas May Want to Buy from You.” Because you know how they love their families.