Fashion Photography with John Farrar

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Ever wanted to know the thought process behind some of John’s amazing images? Join us as the John explains  his thought process, tips and techniques for creating his award-winning images.

. . . a session with the 2010 Photographer of the Year

You may not do wildly creative work, but everyone who owns a camera has got to see what John  Farrar does with his.

This session will be fun, strange, exciting, humorous, oddly beautiful and definitely something you will tell your friends about. Farrar shows us how and yet concludes that “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Farrar has a great eye for detail and he admits that he likes to keep humor in his work. Which may be why there is always the unexpected in his work.

We are very proud to have John  Farrar join us here at StudioStyles to bring you a real online adventure that develops your photographic skills. John Farrar is both a photographer and journalist and lives in Brighton on the south coast of England.

This video was shot at Holly Gordon’s – Shooting Outside the Box Workshop  featuring fashion photographer John Farrar.

Our videos give you behind the scenes set-ups that show you exactly what to do and how to do it.

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