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Are you happy with the results you’re getting from your eTTL flash?

When this question was asked to 50 workshop attendees of our local camera club only a small percentage of attendees said that they were. Most struggled to get consistent results.

Do you know what the biggest problem is with eTTL flashes? The answer is you, aka, operator error. This need not be.

The new generation of eTTL flashes are extremely sophisicated and offer reliable, consistent results to those who understand the principles and learn how to use them.

This video training is a an in-depth, 2-hour workshop explaining the how’s and why’s of the portable flash. It goes over the equipment, accessories and the best settings. It shows you the best use of the flash. Have a pen and paper ready because you will be wanting to take some notes.

This video has been posted in the Subscriber Only section of our website. Since we’ve broken this workshop into six parts, you can see the first part for FREE.

Why for FREE? We hope you will view the video, like what you see, and want to see more of it AND the other training videos in our ever-growing video library. Order one video to get just what you need or subscribe for the full year and get them all.  For less than $.75 per day you can get full access. (For all the details.)

[flv:/flv/eTTLwspt1.flv 480 360]

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