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Build sales without selling? Build sales without selling?

You may have gone into photography partly because you wanted to stay away from sales. And now you have just come to grips with the fact that every business revolves around sales. And every person in every business is in sales. But since some of our best photographers can’t, won’t, don’t sell, we will go for the next best thing for... [Read more]

Adapting to junk photography: your new competition Adapting to junk photography: your new competition

Having too many studios in town is no longer your big problem. Neither are the national companies that keep the local school business locked up. Sorry to say, but you’ve got far bigger problems than these all around you. They are the cell phone cameras, the point and shoots in those purses; and the SLRs in the dangerous hands of people who haven’t... [Read more]

Is it worth the trouble to sell your photos online? Is it worth the trouble to sell your photos online?

In the interest of full disclosure: Our company sells the online store set ups and hosts the services; therefore, our decision has obviously been made. Call to discuss: 888–398-9934. First, setting up your own online “storefront” page costs less in time and money than you might think. You pay $49.95 a month plus small processing fees and... [Read more]

Tips from … the photographer of the year 2010 Tips from … the photographer of the year 2010

John Farrar of Brighton, England does beautiful and creative work but he also has mastered the details of photography at a high level and we provide here a few of his suggestions. Or, if seeing more of the best of the best in photography interests you, click here to purchase Farrar’s Beauty in the Mind DVD, which includes a discussion of his widely... [Read more]

Make Your Next Camera One That Shoots Video Make Your Next Camera One That Shoots Video

If you are debating about whether your next camera should be one with video capability, we vote yes. In fact, the way the trend is heading, we expect just about every SLRs introduced from now on will have video capability. The cost is not much more, you will find some uses for it now and you may get into the fast-rising photo fusion productions soon,... [Read more]

How to Make Money With Weddings How to Make Money With Weddings

Thousands of photographers have shuttered their wedding/portrait businesses in the last 10 years. And some did magnificent work. The main reason is that the bride’s Uncle Harry has quality camera equipment now and is anxious to shoot the event as a present to the bride. It may be his first one. Hmmm, a close relative. And free. Then there are... [Read more]

What Would Rembrandt Do? What Would Rembrandt Do?

We have it all now. In technology, efficiency and in artistic work. We have a canvas on which to depict the style and flair of the muses who live within. A way to go forward, a way to go back. A way to color with immeasurable accuracy and depth and to blend at a whim. The ability to undo. Or save several versions and patch them together. What would... [Read more]

My Life Before Photoshop My Life Before Photoshop

Memories and musings to help you understand just how well technology serves you now and to make sure you take full advantage of it all. Luter is our recently retired founder; he was in private business for 37 years. By Joe Luter We often hear said, “We’ve been doing it that way forever.” which generally means since way back last Thursday. But... [Read more]

Making The Most Of Physics Tutorial Making The Most Of Physics Tutorial

Discover the amazing connection between physics and animations and check out the tons of tutorials and goodies or archived posts on the AnimationPhysics web site. We are here to throw you just the hand you need in better understanding how to use certain laws of physics to give birth to some of the most spectacular animations out there. And since you... [Read more]

FREE Studio Lighting Tip:  Using the Fill Light FREE Studio Lighting Tip: Using the Fill Light

By definition, a fill light is a non-directional light source whose purpose is to lighten the shadows to reveal otherwise hidden detail, not eliminate the shadows. In this tip, Mike explains and shows you: What a fill light is and why it is important, The common mistakes with using the fill light, How to select and properly position the fill light, The... [Read more]