Learn Canon 580EX Flash Photography Techniques

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Are you ready to start taking photos you can be proud of?  Think you need expensive studio lighting to get fantastic results?

Would you be surprised to know both photos were taken with Canon 580E X flashes?

This first photo was taken with the Canon 580 EX flash on the camera.

The second photo is the AFTER shot taken with three Canon 580 EX flashes,  properly positioned and metered.

Unfortunately, the first BEFORE photo is one too many photographers take and settle for.

It only goes to show you that you don’t need the bulky studio lights.  What you need is someone to show you how to use the equipment you already have.

And, that’s just what you get when you subscribe to StudioStyles’ photography training center.

In this video tutorial,  mentor Mike Luter will show you how in 15 minutes you can get professional grade photos using the Canon 580 flashes.

He starts building his lighting set-up with the main light, goes to the background light and then shows you how to add the hair/edge light to create a beautifully, flattering image.

Here’s a pull back shot of the lighting set-up.

Ready to become a better photographer?

Want to see how he did it?  If so, you will have to become a StudioStyles subscriber.  This video tutorial is not available as a direct purchase.  It is available only in our forum section.

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