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At first glimpse talking about posing stool height may seem silly to you. Although that couldn’t be further from the truth. Correct posing stool height is very important to maintaining your subjects proper posture.

The correct height for the posing stool is slightly above the knee. At that height it forces the subject to sit properly producing a slight L shade between the body torso and the upper part of legs. The subjects feet should just reached the floor.

If the posing stool is too low it tends to add weight to the subject. This will not please many of your clients.

On the other hand, if you want to the subject to lose weight just raise his stool and have the subject lean forward. If I have a heavy set man I will raise the stool slightly above standard height, this will automatically cause him to sit on the edge of the stool and lean forward for his feet to be able to touch the floor. As a result it will seem that he just lost  twenty pounds automatically (just by having the posing stool at the correct height. If you want him to gain weight just positioned the stool too low.

Please take this into consideration when buying a correct posing stool for your studio. This is probably more important than you first thought. When I for starting out I purchased a posing stool that did not extend high enough which did not give me all the results I wanted.  Since I will typically to raise the stool a little higher to make the subject look thinner it’s important to have the right stool.  You can not do this with a posing stool that doesn’t extend a full height. When looking for a posing stool make sure it will extend from very low range to a very high arrange to accommodate taller people.

**See I told you one of my goals was to keep you from making some of the mistakes I made along the road… since that time we have replaced the old posing stools with new stools that extend the full height.


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