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Learn how to take Glamour Photos like these!

The difference between shooting a typical head shot and creating a glamorous portrait involves a few simple steps.  The light positioning for glamor photography must be flattering, the skin tones soft and the make-up truly professional. It’s the execution of these principles that will set your work apart.

In this 25-minute video, we will demonstrate step-by-step how to create high fashion, glamorous head shots with some very simple, easy-to-follow lighting set-ups and metering techniques. In this video you will watch as we create four completely different looks and cover all the details step by step.

Session 1:  The White Background

In the first set-up we will create a high key and high fashion head shot with a simple three light set-up. You will learn the proper placement of the lights and the techniques we use to achieve this high fashion look and porcelain skin tones. Learn the exposure techniques used to achieve this look for the model and ensure a pure white background.


Session 2: The Black Background

Next we will create a high fashion head shot against a black background. Watch as we demonstrate proper light and reflector placement and metering techniques to achieve these high fashion results. We will also explain the proper choice of outfit and explain the reasoning behind our choices.


Session 3:  The Glamorous Lighting Set-up

In the next set-up you will watch and learn the few simple steps that give us the “Glamorous” look, as demonstrated in these photos. Learn how we achieve this flattering lighting set up and proper hair light placement. In this set up you will learn how to properly use color gels over the light source to coordinate the color of the light with the clothing color to achieve the mood desired.


Session 4:  Tungsten Lighting

In the last set-up we will use one very in-expensive tungsten continuous light source to create a more dramatic look in each of these portraits. Watch as we shoot this very simple lighting set-up and achieve results that will make your work stand out from your competitions.


Want to see how we shot these images?

Check out the trailer below!

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